One tactical objective of rape is to demoralise populations and a more sinister objective is to promote slow genocide when systematic rape is coupled with high rates of HIV such as is found in much of continental Africa.
— Rape and HIV as Methods of Waging War: Epidemiological Criminology’s Response Ishita Chowdhury, Mark M. Lanier


Improved access and standards of medical care of women who have been victims of gender-based violence especially in hostile and resource-poor settings.



GBV UNCOVERED is an international online think tank dedicated to improving the medical and psychological care available to the survivors of sexual gender-based violence [GBV] in the world's conflict regions. Using the best principles of remote and hostile medicine, emerging technologies and innovations our goal is to develop robust, cheap and easily reproducible solutions including physical and psychological first aid protocols and portable medical kit for use by grass-roots NGOs assisting female survivors within the golden 72 hours post-assault.


The Problem...

Sexual violence against women has been used as a weapon of war for thousands of years. Despite this it was only in 1998 in the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide was sexual violence recognised as a war crime. Each year millions of women in conflict regions continue to be victims of sexual violence. In some conflict regions the majority of women in the region have been victims. In Liberia, the WHO estimated up to 80% of Liberian women were affected by sexual violence during the war. For too long they have suffered silently with crimes remaining unrecorded. For too long they have not received the critical medical and psychological care they needed. Endless problems affect grass roots healthcare workers supporting victims and provide medical care including problems with security, logistics, accessibility and training


We think differently...

Our team are highly skilled specialists from around the world trained to the highest standards in medical and psychological care. Drawn from the frontlines with extensive experience in conflict regions, they share the same goal - to share their skills and training with grass roots NGOs to improve the delivery of care to survivors of sexual GBV. Our team aims to use innovation, emerging technologies and the principles of remote & hostile Medicine combined with the latest medical research to deliver cheap and accessible solutions directly to the conflict region.



We welcome partners from around the world to share their stories and experiences so we can build a holistic care programme for all women affected by this crime and help heal shattered lives and communities. We believe that by partnering experts and affected communities and utilising local networks and capacities, we can identify global best practice and can improve the standards of accessible medical care in these regions. 


Current Projects

  • Defining the Gold standards for the medical and psychological care of victims within the critical first 72 hours
  • Using Crowd Mapping technologies to identify victims and direct first line response teams
  • Using technologies for the safe and secure Forensic reporting of sexual violence against women
  • Using behavioural sciences to challenge damaging healthcare beliefs and encourage participation of communities in public health programme
  • Political lobbying and Media Advocacy for victims 
  • Facilitating the transfer of technologies and training to NGOs in conflict regions for use by ground staff