GBV UNCOVERED collaborates with some of the most renowned medical experts in their field as well as grass-roots organisations, social activists and front-line humanitarian aid workers from across the world. We work within communities to develop innovative, culturally sensitive and accessible healthcare solutions.

Our team has been privileged to interact closely with GBV survivors in different countries who have guided us during our development. We are very grateful to these women for sharing their stories and for the advice and guidance they have provided to our team. 



London, UK

Dr. Sundeep Chohan,  BSc (NeuroSci), MSc (OOSS), MBBS, MRCGP, DOccMed, DMCC, FAWM, MCFP

Founder and Director, GBV Uncovered

Dr Sundeep Chohan is a graduate from University College London Medical School and holds degrees in Medicine, Neuroscience and Software Engineering. He is a Senior Medical Advisor to the UK Military and has worked alongside personnel from a number of the world's most elite units. With a specialist interest in Remote & Hostile Medicine, he has experienced every form of extreme environment including jungle, desert, Arctic and high altitude with deployments to many countries affected by conflict & catastrophe. He has a wide range of international experience from leading large medical aid teams tackling epidemics to providing emergency assistance in earthquake zones, from investigating war crimes to delivering front-line humanitarian aid in some of the world’s most challenging and violent regions. He has worked with victims of sexual trafficking and gender-based violence in global hotspots for a number of years and continues to be a passionate advocate for improving the medical care available to survivors. 

Prague, CZ

Barbora Holicka, BA (Hons)

Project Manager, GBV Uncovered

Barbora is a graduate from the University of Westminster and holds a degree in Development Studies & International Relations. She had previously worked on public health related projects for NGOs based in the slums of Colombo, Sri Lanka and Kibera, Nairobi. Barbora has co-founded a student-led research project and magazine, bringing together London's international communities and academic institutions to discuss issues related to identity, migration and human rights. She is based in Prague where she works as a freelance researcher and writer with a particular interest in nutrition, food security and human rights.

IMG_0898 (2).JPG

Mysore, India

Dr. Shruthi Nadiga, MBBS, MSc PH (London, UK)

External Consultant, GBV Uncovered

Shruthi graduated in Medicine from JSS Medical College, Mysore, India. After finding her passion in public health, she went on to study at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and in 2014 completed her MSc in Public Health. She has worked in resource poor settings in Southern India and has been associated with local NGOs based in urban slums and tribal areas in the states of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Kerala. Shruthi developed an interest in issues surrounding gender-based violence while working with HIV patients and women from the low socio-economic groups, assisting them with the psychological and social challenges they face.  Her other interests are disaster medicine, qualitative research, psychiatry, holistic medicine and using a grass roots approach to public health initiatives. 

Middle East

Chantelle Taylor

Chantelle had a remarkable career in the British Army. Renowned for being the first female to engage and kill an enemy combatant at close quarters, she was the lead medic supporting an infantry fighting company during combat operations in the notorious region of Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Chantelle's passion to support and empower women comes from a credible background operationally covering the Balkans, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. On leaving the service she was recommended to take the Queen’s commission from the ranks. Returning to Afghanistan for a third time with the U.S. Department of State, Chantelle completed two years as an instructor in combat medicine. Moving to Baghdad, Taylor transitioned into diplomatic security and for a further four years she undertook the role of primary protection officer for the Australian Ambassador in Iraq. Currently working as a senior security consultant, she specialises in the provision and effective implementation of medicine in unstable or hostile regions. Chantelle is the author of Battleworn: The Memoir of a Combat Medic in Afghanistan

London, UK

Dr. Richard Sherry, B.Sc (Psych.)  M.Sc (Lon)  PG Dip. (Lon)  M.Sc (CAPS)  MA. (Lon)  DPMSA  DProf (Lon) CPsychol

Dr Sherry is the CEO and Clinical Director for Psychological Systems Ltd. and Founder and Director for the Institute for Applied Social Innovation.He is a specialist in psychological clinical traumatology with a focus on understanding how to reverse cycles of trauma. Dr Sherry worked as a Psychologist with the Fire Service, National Service for Police Psychiatry and headed the Clinical Psychology section for the US Military inpatients treatment programme for 7 years. He has specialist training in Neuropsychology, and is a Psychoanalytical Psychotherapist, an EMDR Consultant and holds a Diploma in post-graduate Ethics with an interest in Disaster Ethics. He has worked on projects in Haiti, Rwanda, Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Kigali, Rwanda

Dr. Robin Reesal, MD DABPN FRCPC

Robin earned his medical degree and did his psychiatry training at the University of Ottawa in Canada.  He is a board certified psychiatrist in the United States and a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Canada. His background includes pharmacology and psychotherapy. He has worked in academic and clinical settings for over 25 years gaining the rank of clinical associate professor at several universities. Robin is a founding member of Canadian Network for Mood and Anxiety Treatments (CANMAT), mental health education site for the public and health care professionals. While in Calgary, he started the first not for profit clinical trials research centre in Canada and The Center for Depression and Anxiety and has done over twenty-five clinical trials in depression and anxiety. Robin has over one hundred publications and is a medical journal reviewer but also keeps an active full-time private practice. He treats expats and Rwandans in his Kigali office. His focus is on depression, anxiety disorders, cultural adaptation issues, and occupational health. 

Kigali, Rwanda

Dr. Helen Ewing, DHSc, MN, RN

Helen holds a nursing diploma and bachelor and master degrees in nursing specializing in management and quality improvement. She completed her doctorate degree in health science from Nova Southeastern University, specializing in the evaluation of healthcare in developing countries, proposing a model for the delivery of primary healthcare in rural India. She has experience working in resource-poor countries (Rwanda, Cambodia, Kenya, Bangladesh, India) and in various clinical, educational, and leadership roles including curriculum development for bachelor, master, and doctorate level nursing and health science programs. Currently, Helen is the Distance and E-learning Programs Advisor in Rwanda with the Rwanda Human Resources for Health (HRH) Project, the University of Rwanda, and the University of Maryland School of Nursing, assisting in building the health education infrastructure, faculty, and health workforce necessary to create a high quality, sustainable health care system in Rwanda. Her research interests focus on studying issues impacting global health, quality of life of nurses, healthcare leadership, online education, and academic integrity.

London, UK

Anna-Liisa Tampuu, BA, MA

Anna-Liisa holds a MA in International Relations and Security, BA in Politics and Governance with a complementary year in Criminology and has completed a course in Political Journalism at Georgetown University. In London, she has been volunteering as a caseworker for Victim Support, specially trained in Sexual Violence, Bereavement by Homicide and Major Incident Response. After her studies, Anna-Liisa was a trainee with NATO HQ Counter-Terrorism Section in Emerging Security Challenges Division and also collaborated closely with Gender Adviser Office and with the Special Representative for Women, Peace and Security on the projects on the implementation of the UNSCR 1325. Anna-Liisa is based in London where she remains working in the field of security and also freelances as an external analyst. 

London, UK

Phil Turner, BA (Hons)

Phil is a producer and director with degrees in graphics, film theory and animation. He has directed programmes, films and series all over the world, working with the BBC, Sky, Channel Four and many other major UK TV companies. More recently his documentary series work has included remote jungle, tribal, mountaineering and front-line, issue-based and army expeditions. Phil has directed films for his own company and also for Discovery and terrestrial TV. He comes with a wealth of international experience. He has been on jungle raids, lived with remote tribes, interviewed Heads of State and made films on eco-tourism, as well as animal and rainforest conservation. Phil has an interest in social causes and having previously directed films covering topics including the deaths of children working in mining in South America, child health and mortality issues in Mozambique and the horrific exploitation of street children in Nairobi, Kenya. 


London, UK

Julian Ratcliff, BSc

Julian has served in the British Army, where he gained extensive experience in peacekeeping and combat roles, throughout Europe and the Middle East. He witnessed the effect conflicts were having on the local civilians and gained a wealth of experience in jungle, desert, bush and high altitude mountain environments. Since leaving the forces, Julian worked in the mountains of Kurdistan in northern Iraq, where the ISIS insurgency and legacy minefields were having a catastrophic effect on the local people he was working with. He then lived in a remote Kenyan community as a project manager for a development program. Choosing to use only local employment and resources, he empowered the community to take ownership and responsibility for their facilities. Now based in the UK, Julian has a passion for aiding those struggling to survive and progress in regions affected by conflict, disaster and poverty.

Boulder, Colorado, USA

Calvin Ho, BS, MS, MD 2017 candidate

Calvin is currently a student at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in the United States and has a special interest in Humanitarian Medicine. He holds degrees from the U.S. Air Force Academy and Georgetown University. Prior to medical school, he was a Ranger Qualified U.S. Army Officer who led an infantry platoon and company in Iraq where part of his military duties included delivering humanitarian assistance to the local community. Since his experiences in Iraq, he has remained passionate about delivering vital emergency medical care in remote and hostile regions and undertaken a number of medical relief missions. He has deployed to Haiti several times and worked in Brazil as well as undertaking medical relief work in areas of need in urban and rural America. 

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

Philip J. Schertz, BS

Phil holds a BS in Chemistry and is currently a third year medical student at the University of North Texas Health Science Center and has a special interest in Wilderness Medicine. He has undertaken two humanitarian aid missions in Haiti where he worked as a part of an international team providing acute medical care and medication to over 1500 patients in the Verrettes commune, which is found in the remote mountainous region of Artibonite. Since his experiences in Haiti, where he helped treat victims of sexual violence including children, Phil has been an advocate for improving medical care to survivors of GBV.